Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Crepe Du Jour

Crepe Du Jour
1609 Sulgrave Ave
Baltimore, MD 21209-3617
(410) 542-9000

Went there this past Sunday night. My friend and I sat outside at one of their sidewalk tables. They have Crêpes both sweet and savory. The place was so cute in Mt. Washington Village. I would love to go back when all the lil stores are open and check them out.

I had La Napoléon (brie, mushrooms & artichokes) 8.99 plus a fresh brewed tea. It came with a some sort of little side salad. My friend had the Crêpe Merguez (beef & lamb sausage, eggs & cheese) 10.99 and substituted goat cheese for an extra 2.75

It was great and I will go back. The desert crepes sounded to die for!
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