Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dukem Ethiopian Restaurant

1100 Maryland Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21201
Tel: 410-385-0318

I went here with some other fellow Baltimore Bloggers of Restaurants. I had never eaten Ethiopian before and it was a very unique experience. The decor and music was very pleasing and nice.

Dukem's menu features a complete menu with everything from kitfo, tibs, kornis, alicha, and vegetarian dishes. Ethiopian food is served on centerpiece platters over injera, accompanied by plates of more injera (spongy flat-bread), rolled up like so many dish towels. To eat, you simply tear off pieces of injera and scoop up bites of food. They use many spices such as chili peppers combining with ginger, garlic, onions, spices, basil and a host of less familiar flavorings like bishop's weed, which resembles thyme, and enset (banana tree like) plant powder.

We tried many items such as:
-TIBS: Cubed tender lamb or beef with onion, rosemary jalapeno pepper served with injera and salad and spicy awaze sauce
-KITFO: Beef tartar seasoned with our herbal butter and mitmita, cardamom
-LAMB WOT: Freshly made lamb stew
-DORO WOT: chicken stew simmered in berbere/red pepper/ sauce or simmered in ginger sauce with garlic onion and herbal better served with boild egg
-MINCHET ABESH: Finely chopped lean beef braised in milled ginger and garlic sauce

Over price wise it came to $20 a person and there was 6 f us (with tip). Their Ice Tea is very different and I found it very hard to explain to someone who hasn't tasted it. Overall, I enjoyed most of the food, however there were a few dishes I didn't care for. I would go back again and try some more things.

A bit of a notice to all- I hope you don't mind eating with your fingers!

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