Thursday, January 31, 2008

Caesar's Den

223 South High Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21202
Tel (410) 547-0820

I was at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum today for a Professional Development Day with the City School Librarians. Since it is right on the edge of Little Italy a group of 5 of us thought we would grab some lunch in Little Italy.

It decor was casual yet relaxed and romantic all in one. We were the only people there to start off with then a few more tables rolled in. Our waiter was very friendly and took good care of us.

I had the VEAL MEDALLIONS PARMIGIANA $9.50 (Veal topped with cheese and tomato sauce, served with spaghetti). I must say it as one of the best Veal Parms i have ever had. The veal was cooked perfectly and the sauce had a sweetness to it but was not overly sweet. The noodles were cooked perfectly also.

3 other people had the LASAGNA NAPOLETANA $8.50 (Wide lasagna pasta, with meat, cheese and tomato sauce). They all said it was very good it didn't have too much ricotta that over powered it- everything was the perfect amounts.

The member of the party had the CHICKEN CAMPAGNOLA $9.50 (Breast of chicken sauteed with garlic, potatoes, mushrooms and wine sauce). And she said it was different but also very good.

The bread they served was still warm and was so soft and fluffy. The crust was also perfect and not too hard and crunchy.

I will go back again and cant wait to try dinner! The dinner menu looked about average (in the teens) for pastas and all. The seafood was a higher $20s

Caesar's Den in Baltimore
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