Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cheezy's Pizza & Subs

1637 E Joppa Rd
Towson, MD 21286

So I have driven past this big smiling tomato a bunch of times and at last we decided to give it a try! Oh boy am I glad we did! I have been searching for a good pizza place that would deliver to my house and at lat I think I have found my #1.

We started with a special that was large pizza with 2 toppings and a 2 litter of soda for $11.99. So we 2 of our favorite toppings which were pepperoni and mushroom. This is the best pizza I have had in a long time here in Baltimore (I have been searching for a place to take over from the small pizza joint I love in my hometown in PA where I grew up). The sauce is sweet but not overly sweet. The pizza is a NY style pizza with the bubbly crust and the rest thin. They advertise that they make their own dough, use a family homemade recipe for the sauce and only use Grande cheese.

We also tried a Philly Cheesesteak for $6.99. They advertise they are overstuffed and they are but its the perfect amount! They use real meat and not steak-um! They use fresh baked Italian rolls that are golden brown on the outside and moist on the inside. My husband says it was the best cheesesteak he has had since we moved to MD.

They also have plenty of appetizers (bread sticks, mozzarella sticks, fries, etc), salads, wings, wraps, desserts, calzones, stomboli, and gourmet pizzas.

We didn't have a menu but used their website. you can order through he website but we just called it in. When we got the food they gave us a menu and it is loaded with coupons. *I just looked and it says online ordering is TEMPORARILY unavailable.

I give this place 5 stars and will be ordering form their plenty of times!

Cheezys Pizza in Towson
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