Monday, July 28, 2008

Bel-Loc Diner

1700 E Joppa Rd
Parkville, MD 21234

When you walk into the diner you feel like you are stepping back into the ‘50s- and the waitresses and hostess look and seem like they have been working there since the ‘50s. Its atmosphere has it typical diner feel and look. The menu hosts your typical diner fare- burgers, sandwiches, breakfast and pies. We headed here this past Friday night. I was a little surprised that the menu was as small as it was compared with other menus I have seen at diners.

We both started with a cup of the Maryland Crab soup. It was good with lots of crab. Nice spice to it. We also noticed here that food is service quick.

I had the Bel-Loc Burger- which I was told was like a Big Mac. In a sense it was except for the secret sauce. It was 2 patties, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles layered between 3 bun pieces. Since it had not sauce I asked for mayo and bit into my pile o’ burger. The patties were wide and more are the thinner size but since there were 2 patties you had enough beef. The burger had great flavor and was very juicy- it gets a bit messy but the bun soaks up most of the juices. It was a pretty satisfying burger- add some bacon and sauce and it may become one of my favorite ones! It was served with chips- next time give me some fries.

My husband had one of the open faced sandwiches covered in gravy. He had the Beef and Gravy- the beef was one of the burger patties covered in mounds of dark brown gravy and grilled onions. He also enjoyed the beef but said he dint care much for the gravy (and there was a lot of it- he ended up scrapping most of it off and it with out it). It was served with fries and coleslaw. The slaw was pretty good how ever the side of fries seemed to be smaller than a small fry at McDonalds.

For desert I tried a slice of their coconut cream pie. I wasn’t sure where the coconut was because besides the garnish on top I didn’t find much shredded coconut. You could taste coconut so I am assuming they use a lot of coconut flavoring or extract to flavor the pie. It was ok but I have had better.

Overall, it’s and average place. It wouldn’t be my first choice to go for diner food but if I wanted something quick and a skip from my house I would go again. I wouldn’t mind trying the breakfast. Also after just doing some reading they serve some good homemade milkshakes.

You can see both meals here

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