Friday, July 11, 2008

Casa Mia's

1717 Taylor Ave
Parkville, MD 21234
(410) 882-2400

This is your typical pizza joint that also serves subs of different kids. Over the last week we have ordered from here twice just to make sure that it stayed the same both times.

We started with a Lg pepperoni pizza the first time. The pizza is a good NY stile pizza with lots of cheese. However, the pepperoni was on the greasy side. The 2nd time we got a Lg mushroom pizza. The mushrooms were very good and we almost wondered if they were marinated mushrooms. Both times there was lots of cheese and the sauce is sweet but not overly sweet.

We also ordered a cheese steak both times. My husband and I agree that its a pretty descent cheese steak for Baltimore. Its not the cut up cheese steak beef but the slices of it (like steak-um)

Now I am not sure what else they have because both times we order with out a menu. I asked both times if they could send a menu with my food and both times they haven’t. I guess I will have to stop by one day on the way home and pick one up. Each time we ordered the person on the phone was very nice, answered questions and repeated your entire order so they would be no mistakes.

My only con is that when we went to eat the left overs yesterday we were very displeased with the pizza. It was good the day we got it but we didn't care for it reheated the next day. We really couldn't pinpoint why but we just didn't like it and actually tossed if after a few bites. However, the cheese steak was good reheated.

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