Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tater Tots?!?!

Ale Mary’s

1939 Fleet St

Baltimore, MD 21231

(410) 276-2044

I was out with a friend this past Thursday for the Baltimore Magazine VIP Shop Crawl in Fells Point and after we did our shopping (I bought a purse hook and great ring) we wanted to get something to eat. So she started telling me about this place that had tater tots in 3 different ways. Who doesn’t love tater tots (I haven’t had them in years)? So off to Ale Mary’s we went!

You walk in and greeted with you typical nice local bar establishment with about 10 (give or take) tables in the back for dinner (there was also outside seating). We ran into some friends she knows dining at the bar so we pulled up at a high top table in the bar. The feel of the place is nice! She actually ran into more people she knew- a lot of local go there. Behind the bar there was a nice stack of board games and 2 friendly gals who played waitress and bartender. I sort of felt it had the feeling of Cheers. If you are into beer they either have on tap or serve micros, Europeans, your typical domestics, and some Brewer’s Art beer and their own Mary’s Heavenly Pale Ale.

I was impressed but how much the menu had to offer! I had a hard time making up my mind what I wanted. I got stuck between the mussels, a few different sandwiches or pasta dishes. My friend recommends a certain sandwich so I followed her lead.

We both ordered The Thankful Turkey Sandwich ($7.95) - stuffing, roasted turkey and cranberry on a roll. It is served with lettuce, tomato and chips. However, we paid an extra $2 for tater tots with 3 chesses ($1.50 with no cheeses). The size of the sandwich was very generous and I wasn’t sure how I was going to get my mouth around it. The flavors were good but it had a down fall- It was dry. Think of Thanksgiving Dinner with no gravy- it needed the gravy or something to help with the dryness! They need to work on that one- Flavor is WONDERFUL but it’s dry.

Based upon the other people she knew there a lot of the other food was good (Shrimp Bisque, Sheppard’s pie, etc). Now I was to full but I heard the Krispy Cream Bread Pudding is to die for! I wish I had known about it before I finished off my sandwich so I would have saved room!

The service was average- we did have to chase down our check however. If I lived in this area it would be a nice local place I would find myself at a lot for the atmosphere and food. So if you down in the Historic Fells Point area and want to try something that not on the main drag head over here!

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