Sunday, November 02, 2008

Bo Brooks

2701 Boston Street
Baltimore, MD 21224

I had some friends from out of town come for the day last weekend. They wanted to go somewhere for seafood that was on the water downtown. I normally don’t go downtown for my seafood so we tried out Bo Brooks.

The views are great along the water. I love watching the boats and the skyline against the water. The service was average- except when it was time to pay we noticed that our waiter forgot to add some things to the check.

I started off with ½ and ½ soup which is a new Maryland tradition pairing both of Bo’s Maryland Crab Soup and Cream of Crab Soup swirled for a culinary delight and treat (Cup $5). This was great- I loved the mix and texture it created.

We also shared Bo’s Crab Dip- blend of crabmeat, cheeses, and artichokes, served in a toasted sourdough bread bowl. ($10) We couldn’t taste much besides the cream cheese. The actually amount was small for the price and they didn’t give you many pieces of bread (besides the bowl itself) to dip- they gave you pack of saltine crackers (I prefer the bread 100 times over). I was not impressed with the taste of the dip but it looked good.

For my lunch I got the Crab Quesadilla- Flour tortillas stuffed with seasoned crabmeat, ripe tomatoes, fresh mesculine greens, and a chedder and mozzarella cheese blend served with freshly prepared chipotle aioli. ($10) I am not sure what happened to my aioli (if it was already on or was it supposed to be on the side). It was very dry. I asked for sour cream and I was told they didn’t have any. The tortillas were crisp to the point of dry and brittle (it seemed like it was baked and not don’t on the grill top or what not). There was no taste to it at all- very bland.

A couple people got the Crab Cake Platter- two jumbo lump crab cakes made with the same recipe Howard “Bo” Brooks first used over 40 years ago. ($28) Now there are 2 crab cakes but they were pretty small. (The 2 who got them were from out of town) They said they were good but they have never had crab cakes down here before.

My husband had the Chicken Caesar ($9). He said it was not very flavorful and the chicken was overcooked and very dry.

The table next to us got crabs and they looked good and dirty.

Overall, food wise I wasn’t impressed (except for my soup). As for the atmosphere and view I liked it. I would go back to try the crabs and to get more soup but not for anything else. I wont be taking anyone there unless I find out the crabs are good.

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