Thursday, April 23, 2009

Food tour New York City- day 2

Grimaldi's Pizzeria

On day 2, after walking across the Brooklyn Bridge (and running into The Way of the Cross with 3,000 people), we jumped in line to try the pizza at Grimaldi's Pizzeria who has a coal-fired brick oven. Once again you can not order pizza by the slice but it is well worth the pie. Their pizzas are made with fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil, and dough made daily. The coal brick oven gives the crust a crispiness and smokiness. I couldn't’ pick between here or John’s- I loved them both equally. One this that made Grimaldi’s a tiny bit better was the whole basil leaves they cook on top! As soon as you took a bite the basil flooded your mouth- Yummmmm

Once my Sister-in-law and husband arrived we went shopping on 5th Ave. and then we had dinner at the Stage Deli. The Stage Deli has been a landmark in Manhattan for 70 years. The walls are adorned with pictures of actors and actresses. We started with their fresh battered onion rings which were not dripping in oil. Try dipping it in their 1,00o Island dressing! We all order a ½ Corned Beef sandwich- three of us got it “all the way” with 1,000 Island dressing and coleslaw. You can’t beat this (but I won’t put off a good challenge). You can’t come without getting cheesecake- we tried the strawberry and Oreo. The pieces are the biggest I have ever seen and the texture is so smooth! I was in heaven- yummy onion rings, mile high sandwich and Oh-La-La cheesecake!

Grimaldi's Pizzeria
19 Old Fulton St. (under the Brooklyn Bridge)

Stage Deli
834 7th Avenue

To see more photos of my adventure visit here

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