Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blue Agave: margaritas, chile rellenos and so much more

I grew in a small town called Muncy in PA. There aren't many restaurants that weren’t chains in the surrounding area- so when I asked my Mom what type of food she wanted to kick off her 60th birthday celebrations this was her reply “Mexican and somewhere you haven’t been yet”- my answer to this was Blue Agave Restaurante Y Tequileria.

After ordering some margaritas the three of us glanced over the menu to pick what we wanted to eat. We had a hard time settling on what to get so we thought the best choice was to create our own tapas menu by ordering a wide variety or appetizers to share as our meal. My favorite margarita I tried was the Prickly Pear Margarita- El Jimador Blanco, Prickly Pear puree, Triple Sec & fresh lime. I like my margaritas on the rocks but I was surprise that they don’t own a blender so don’t look for your margarita’s to be frozen. You could also try one of the 130 premium tequilas. While waiting for our choices to arrive we munched on chips a trio of salsas.

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*Sorry for no pictures of the food- I wanted to spend some quality time with my Mom and Aunt and not put them on the spot.

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