Sunday, July 14, 2013

Chipotle Adventurrito Question #1

The other day I mentioned that Chipotle Mexican Grill will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a three-week-long treasure hunt, “Adventurrito,” that will take participants through a series of 20 online puzzles and daily prizes that will lead to the ultimate grand prize: free burritos for 20 years. 

Well it has started and so have I and I thought it would be fun to post as I play along...

Question #1:  That special place for the pigs -  raising free-range, pasture raised pigs for Chipotle

"Adding responsibly raised pork to the menu kicked off Chipotle’s commitment to Food With Integrity, a principle that still guides us today. Combine that with our gourmet credentials from the Culinary Institute of America and Stars restaurant, and you get a pretty amazing food experience."  - Chipotle


Now its your turn!

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