Monday, July 15, 2013

Chipotle Adventurrito Question #2

The other day I mentioned that Chipotle Mexican Grill will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a three-week-long treasure hunt, “Adventurrito,” that will take participants through a series of 20 online puzzles and daily prizes that will lead to the ultimate grand prize: free burritos for 20 years. 

Question #1 was about the quest for better pork, that special place for the pigs  and raising free-range, pasture raised pigs for Chipotle.  That place is Niman Ranch, Thronton, IA - but the answer is a name they call the ranch (check out one of the videos I posted).

Now on to question #2:  Based upon  map screen shot they gave - Where in the world is this Chipotle?

"Twenty years ago, we never imagined we’d have restaurants outside Colorado, let alone outside the U.S. Today you can find Chipotle in Canada, the U.K., France, and very soon, Germany. We keep our French customers in the loop here. "  -Chipotle

I got my medallion #2 and now its your turn...

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