Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chipotle Adventurrito Question #18

These days have been moving quickly and already its day 18...

Question 18:  Cultivate contributors are ready for their close-up so identify them by the pictures. (Check out the line up head shots

"Since 2011, Chipotle has organized the Cultivate Festival food, music, and ideas festival. The festival got bigger this year, with events in three cities. There's still time this summer to catch the event in Denver and Chicago. See the schedule and line-up here."  -Chipotle

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Medallion 18

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Chipotle Adventurrito Question #17

credit: Chipotle
Last few days left until the winners are picked...

Question 17:  Secret menu at Chipotle?  There’s an extra-extra-extra-small burrito that’s available no matter where you live- so figure out the style number here

"Did you have a chance to look around the Chipotle Gear Store on the search for the Itty Bitty Burrito? We’re proud to offer products to suit our customers’ lifestyles. Pop over to the store for 20% off selected items through August 15th. Enjoy!"  -Chiptole

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Medallion 17

Monday, July 29, 2013

Mission BBQ Now Open in California, MD (plus mini review)

credit: Mission BBQ
MISSION BBQ, a fast casual restaurant known for its traditional American BBQ and dedication to honoring our service men and women, today opens its third and largest location in California, MD. Now Southern Marylanders can enjoy MISSION BBQ favorites that Baltimore natives have been raving about. Keeping with its mission to serve those who serve our country, the new restaurant is conveniently located just minutes away from the Naval Air Station Patuxent River Base.

With two current locations in Glen Burnie and Perry Hall, MD and plans to expand across the Mid-Atlantic region, owners Bill Kraus and Steve Newton are thrilled to bring their BBQ concept with a side of patriotism to Southern Maryland. 
“We felt California was the perfect location for our third restaurant,” says co-owner Bill Kraus. “With such close proximity to the Naval Air Station Patuxent River base, not only do we have the opportunity to serve some delicious BBQ, but we also have the opportunity to support, thank and honor so many folks in this community.”

A few MISSION BBQ menu items include Texas Inspired Beef Brisket; Jalapeño and Cheese Sausage; and the bestselling North Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich topped high with Cool Slaw, accompanied by an array of homemade secret sauces.  Favorite made-from-scratch side servings include Maggie’s Mac-N-Cheese; Baked Beans & Brisket; and Green Beans & Bacon.  Desserts include a traditional Southern favorite, Banana Puddin’, as well as assortment of homemade seasonal sweets.

As is tradition with the opening of every MISSION BBQ, the new location hosted charity nights throughout the week leading up to the grand opening, with proceeds going to local police and fire departments in California, MD as well as the Wounded Warrior Project. Looking ahead, MISSION BBQ will open its first Baltimore City location in Canton, MD in October, and its first location outside of Maryland in York, PA during the holiday season of 2013.  MISSION BBQ plans to expand throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region with a targeted goal of opening 40 restaurants nationwide by 2018.

MISSION BBQ California, MD is located in the San Souci Plaza at 22599 MacArthur Blvd., California, MD 20619. The restaurant is open 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. Monday-Thursday; 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. Friday-Saturday; and 11:30 a.m. – 8 p.m. on Sunday. For more information, please call 301-880-0857 or visit

Chipotle Adventurrito Question #16

credit: Chiptole
The days to 20 years of FREE burritos are getting less and less...

Question 16:  Thirteen of the encrypted words are characteristics that every Chipotle employee should have. One definitely isn’t! (13 is important in figuring out the code and they don't want an employee who is especially wishing to possess more than what one needs or deserves).

"We’re always looking for new people to join our team, and nearly all of our leaders are promoted from our crew. If you think you’d like to work in a fun, supportive environment, head to our Careers page."  -Chipotle 

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Medallion 16

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Chipotle Adventurrito Question #15

credit: Chiptole
Another day working towards 20 years of FREE burritos! (I don't give you the answer straight out but my hints are right on!!)

Question 15:  Phoen required:  Call 1-800-Chipotle. Listen about Nicollete Hahn Niman book called Righteous Porkchop and asks you to find the first word on a certain page. The page is the #'s you followed to get the Adventurrito puzzle question (what 3 diffrent numbers did you have to punch in?). You can then find the word at Amazon's book previews.

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Chipotle Adventurrito Question #14

credit: Chipotle
Another day working towards 20 years of FREE burritos! (I don't give you the answer straight out but my hints are right on!!)

Question 14:  Put the events in Chipotle history into chronological order
  • Farming Forward, Tasty Shares, Say No To Drugs, Green Cuisine, Hello Dolly  (The Chipotle Story will help) 

"What a journey it’s been. We stopped keeping a diary or dream journal a long time ago—but we still keep track of some milestones where everyone can see them. Click Here."  -Chipotle

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Chipotle Adventurrito Question #13

credit: Chipotle
Here we go - another day working towards 20 years of FREE burritos!

Question 13:  "Why stop at burritos? So we took what we’ve learned from burritos, and applied it to another global cuisine. Do a little digging, a little traveling without moving, and you might find the inspiration to fill in these blanks" (look through some INSPIRATION at Chipotle new sister restaurant)

"ShopHouse is a taste of Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore in the Chipotle tradition of great cooking, tons of flavor, and responsible sourcing. Already established in D.C., ShopHouse is now also on the West Coast. Read more about ShopHouse here."  -Chipotle

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Chipotle Adventurrito Question #12

credit: Chiptole
Here we go - another day working towards 20 years of FREE burritos!

Question 12: Translate the pig grid to answer this question: In a world dominated by factory farms, which group of “eaters” faces the most difficult food decisions? (0000 0100 1000 0110 0101 0110 which is the equivalent to 1594132054 - 1594132054 is part of a book)

"When we aren’t making food, we like to read about food. We recommend books like Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma, The Righteous Porkchop by Nicolette Hahn Niman, and Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer."  -Chiptole

Medallion 12

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    Chipotle Adventurrito Question List

    Chipotle Mexican Grill is celebrateing its 20th anniversary with a three-week-long treasure hunt, “Adventurrito,” that will take participants through a series of 20 online puzzles and daily prizes that will lead to the ultimate grand prize: free burritos for 20 years.

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    Wednesday, July 24, 2013

    Chipotle Adventurrito Question #11

    Here we go - another day working towards 20 years of FREE burritos!

    credit: Chipotle
    Question 11:  "Back to the Start" starred pigs, farmers and some cows - count the cows (it is an even number)

    "Since the success of Back to the Start, we’re forging ahead with more fun and creative entertainment for you. Look out for an iOS game and a new animated short, which you can preview here."  -Chipotle

    Medallion 11
    Review of past questions:

    Tuesday, July 23, 2013

    Maryland Days at The Melting Pot and other specials

    credit: Melting Pot
    Maryland Days menu was so popular, that they are bringing it back for a limited time.  From July 21st through July 27th, you can celebrate Maryland fondue-style.

    The special four-course menu is full of regional delights and includes:

    Cheese Fondue

    Creamy Lump-Crab Cheese
    prepared table-side with assorted breads,
    fresh vegetables, and fruit for dipping


    Cherry Blossom Salad
    Mixed Field greens, Dried Cherries, Candied Pecans topped with our homemade Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette Dressing

    Maryland Entree

    Old Bay Chicken Breast, Flying Dog Hefeweizen Shrimp, Scallops, Filet Mignon, Baby Sweet Corn served with our variety of homemade sauces and fresh garden vegetables

    Chocolate Fondue

    Your choice of Milk, White or Dark Chocolate topped with Berger Cookie crumbles

    The price is $40 per person.

    Other Specials:
    Whether a fondue first timer or an experienced expert this special is for everyone! Towson Melting Pot is  proud to participate in Baltimore County Restaurant Week August 2013 - August 9th to 25th. Reservations recommended.

    Happy hour.- It’s time to loosen the tie. To melt the stress away… and a time for our guests to get “dipsy!” Half price cheese or chocolate, featured wines $3 a glass, all bottled beer $3 and specialty cocktail specials too! Available in the bar only. Monday - Friday 5PM - 7PM 

    The Sip List features four fashion-inspired cocktails including the Sparkling Rita, Couture Cosmo, Luxe Lemonade and Sailor Chic to complement you fondue dining experience. The Sip List is available for a limited time only till July 31st.

    Towson Melting Pot
    418-420 York Road
    Towson, MD 21204


    Chipotle Adventurrito Question #10

    credit: Chiptole
    Ok we are half way to the end towards free burritos for 20 years!

    Question 10:  What Chipotle menu item was the Chipotle hacker looking for? (What they said - think about what it makes)

    "We’re big fans of the Internet (who isn’t?) and have taken to social media with the same responsible and honest voice we’ve come to be known for. If you haven’t already, connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest."  -Chiptole

    Medallion 10

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    Monday, July 22, 2013

    Judging of July 16th Mason Dixon Master Chef Tournament

    Chef Josh Handel
    The Mason Dixon Master Chef Tournament, a summer long single-elimination culinary competition, featuring 16 local restaurants and chef teams has begun. The tournament, which began in 2010, has moved back to Baltimore City this year, and found a new home at Mari Luna Bistro (1225 Cathedral Street, Baltimore, MD 21201) right in the heart of the cultural district. I am also excited to be back on the judging panel again this year after I took a “maternity” leave from judging.

    This year’s tournament looks to be the best year yet, and has some exciting new features to offer guests, all included with their admission:
    • Each week of the tournament will feature a geographic region. Chef teams will be required to keep that theme as they create and prepare an appetizer, entrée and dessert using featured products from tournament sponsors.
    • Happy Hour will include wine and spirit tasting each evening, with different vintners and distributors hosting and bringing some interesting and different things to try each week, like a Tequila tasting and a Punch Bowl tasting, as well as traditional wine tasting.
    • Happy Hour will also include hors d’ouerves prepared by Mari Luna Bistro using featured products from some of the tournament’s top sponsors.
    • A dessert bar and coffee will be provided at the end of each evening throughout the competition.

    I was back again on Tuesday, July 16th with Christopher Lewis from Iron Bridge Wine Co. versus Josh Handel of Josh Handel's Catering & Personal Chef Service.

    Chef Lewis graduated from the Pennsylvania Culinary Art Program in 1999. He completed his
    Right: Chef Christopher Lewis
    externship at the Milton Inn in Sparks, Maryland, later becoming their Sous Chef. In order to expand his knowledge of various cuisines, Chef Lewis worked as Sous Chef at Linwood’s as well as Executive Chef at The Brass Elephant. After his time at the Brass Elephant, he moved on to the DC restaurant scene working at 701 Restaurant and Againn Tavern.  Chef Lewis joined Iron Bridge Wine Company in 2011, and his love of food is evident in his unique use of local ingredients and "from scratch" philosophy.  He was assisted by Lee Marziale Jr. (Sous Chef) and Tyler Skinner (Chef’s Assistant)

    Chef Handel attended culinary school in San Francisco at California Culinary Academy. He has served as chef and sous chef in several local restaurants including Tabrizi's and Coburn's Tavern, as well as working with other restaurants and catering services including Chef's Expressions and Roy's Hawaiian Fusion.  He was assisted by Kyle Fischer (Sous Chef) and Ryan Carder (Chef’s Assistant).

    This was battle Greece featuring the following products:
    • Leg of lamb and lamb cheeks from Marcho Farms
    • Garlic Sauce from Tulkoff
    • Jumbo Kalamata olives, Greek orzo, Greek olives, and grape leaves from Roland Foods

    The night’s Happy Hour featured wine maker Boordy. Guests will taste both red and wine wines from the Boordy wine maker.

    Chef Lewis (Black Team) prepared the following dishes for battle Greece:
    • Appetizer: Braised Lamb Cheeks with pearl onions and Gremolata Vinaigrette.  The cheeks were tender and the Gremolata Vinaigrette was smooth and full of flavor
    • Entrée: Seared Lamb Leg Roulade and Orzo Risotto. The start component of this dish was the creamy Orzo Risotto.  The lamb was moist and nicely cooked.
    • Dessert: Loukoumades - Chantilly Cream, apple chutney with Madeira.  Similar to a donut hole.  These “donut holes” weren’t heavy and cream and sauce were both nicely done.

    Chef Jirat (Red Team) prepared the following dishes for battle Spain:
    • Appetizer: Dolmades - Fried stuffed grape leaves, Lamb Rilette, Babaganoush, Roasted Pepper Chevre Fondue.  The fried grape leaves were something new and amazingly full of great flavor.  The Rillette was a bit tough but the flavor was there.
    • Entrée: Lamb Pastitsio- Braised lamb cheeks, Spinach Spaetzle, Smoked Honey Root Vegetable, Curry Demi, and Grain Mustard Buerre Blanc.  These cheeks were perfectly cooked and the Spaetzle was perfect.
    • Dessert: "Baklava" - Phyllo, Almond Chocolate Mousse, Pistachio Brittle, Macerated Raspberries and Captain Crunch Sauce with a drink with Ouzo, Rosemary Strawberries, Strawberry Vodka and Grand Marnier. The star of this dish was the brittle.  The mouse had a nice flavor but would have been better if it was a bit fluffier and the drink was a nice combination of flavors.

    Both teams offered some of their best, but congratulations goes to Chef Christopher Lewis of Iron Bridge Wine Co.! Chef Lewis moves on and will be competing on Tuesday, July 30, 2013 against Mark Dunaway from Regi’s American Bistro with battle Latin America.

    I will be judging next on July 29, 2013 - Jeff Keeney (The Point in Fells) vs Billy Hughes (Barracudas Restaurant and Bar)

    Tickets for this live, interactive, local event are on sale now at and are just $25 for General Admission, $45 for Judge Experience (where guests get to taste the entrees and vote on the winner) with 10% of the net proceeds going directly to Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland.

    Chipotle Adventurrito Question #9

    Day #9 of Chipotle trivia towards FREE burritos for 20 years!
    credit: Chipotle

    Question 9:  They hand select the music played in the restaurant - Chipotle has done "something special with music in our restaurants" - what is the theme??? (Each song came out has something to do with Chipotle 20th Birthday)

    "Music is central to the Chipotle experience, and we’re excited to soon offer our playlists on Spotify, Rdio, and Songza. Stay “tuned” (pun totally intended) for more information. To hear our latest curated playlist, check out the Chipotle streaming music player."            - Chipotle
    Medallion 9

    Review of past questions:

    Sunday, July 21, 2013

    Chipotle Adventurrito Question #8

    It is day 8 towards the quest of free burritos for 20 years!
    credit: Chipotle

    Question 8:  Based upon the picture (not the picture to the right) what is the name of the family farm that has  Responsibly Raised® ingredients? (This Dutch Maid farm operates in Ohio, Michigan, and Florida, producing over 40 different crops.)

    "At the heart of the Chipotle success story is the story of our ingredients. Our suppliers are essential to our winning formula. Find out more about our commitment to humane, sustainable farming here."  -Chipotle

    Medallion 8

    Review of past questions:


    Saturday, July 20, 2013

    FREE copy of "Dessert Recipes for Chocolate Lovers"

    Sharing this for all my BAKERS out there...

    They are offering the kindle book FREE, yup FREE on Aug 3 and 4. 'Aint that a sweet deal! - get it here

    In “Dessert Recipes for Chocolate Lovers Chef Leslie Taylor shares over 87 of his favorite chocolate dessert recipes including chocolate cakes, pies, tarts, cookies, brownies, bars, fudge, mousses, and a variety frozen goodies like ice creams and sorbets. Chocolate lovers will also enjoy a special section called Chocolate Decadence which features tantalizing – over the top chocolate recipes!

    Here’s a sample of the mouthwatering dessert ideas included in the book:
    • Nutella Stuffed Brown Butter + Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies           
    • Chocolate Espresso Cupcakes w/Kahlua Cream Cheese Frosting
    • Chocolate Three-Milk Cake
    • Red Wine Chocolate Cake with Whipped Mascarpone
    • Chocolate Caramel Macadamia Tart
    • Dark Chocolate Cherry Brownies w/ Ganache & Sea Salt

    In the chapter, For the Love of Chocolate readers will discover a few tasty morsels of information that every chocolate lover wants to know including:
    • Why we love chocolate so much
    • The health benefits of eating chocolate
    • The history of chocolate
    • How chocolate is made
    • The difference between milk, dark, and white chocolates, and much more!

    Whether an occasional sweet eater or a die-hard chocoholic this chocolate dessert recipe collection is sure to become a favorite dessert recipe collections.


    Chipotle Adventurrito Question #7

    Day 7 of the quest - How has your quest for Chipotle going?  Some of the question so far have been from left field - but
    credit: Chipotle
    hey it is working towards
    free burritos for 20 years!

    Question 7:  cringe-worthy creation that was a TV "joke" that became a real thing (Oh boy some crud humor)

    "The South Park “Dead Celebrities” episode gave Chipotle its own special place in pop culture. While what’s said is gross, cynical, and repeated a bazillion times during the episode, we took a good-humored approach to the whole thing."  -Chipotle 

    Medallion #7

    Review of past questions:


    Friday, July 19, 2013

    Chipotle Adventurrito Question #6

    credit: Chipotle

    How has your quest for Chipotle going?  Most people are agreeing that the trivia questions are much harder than they expecting - but hey it is working towards free burritos for 20 years!

    Question 6:  first names of the three Chipotle officers introduced on this month's quarterly earnings call (today is an easy google search for Q2 2013 Earnings Call Transcript)

    "Chipotle is arguably the most successful quick service restaurant concept in the last 20 years. We went public in October 2006. The company’s financial success has helped fuel even greater investment in the highest quality ingredients for our customers." - Chipotle
    Medallion #6

    Review of past questions:

    Thursday, July 18, 2013

    On demand ice cream with Uber, plus promo code

    credit: Uber
    Some Uber cities say ice cream, others gelato, glace, eis, whippy, or something else. But no matter what you call it, this Friday, July 19th you can…


    Uber Ice Cream is going global.  With the heat wave in full effect, Uber is bringing back Uber Ice Cream tomorrow, Friday, July 19. Baltimore residents will be able to use their smartphones to summon ice cream trucks on demand – and to request a delivery of ice cream and summer treats.  $25 for 5 ice cream treats

    How it works:
    credit: Uber
    • Download the Uber app for iPhone or Android 
    • Request the “Ice Cream” option via your app
    • If a truck is available, you and your friends will be enjoying sweet treats and Uber swag within minutes

    The inside scoop:

    • Ice cream trucks will be on the road from 11 AM to 5 PM on Friday, July 19th
    • Demand for ice cream trucks will be very high and availability very limited. It may take multiple tries to find an available truck. Please be patient! 
    • They’ll be working all day to deliver as much ice cream as possible.
    No cash required! Your ice creams will be charged directly to your Uber account.

     Join the global #UberIceCream celebration by sharing your experience on Twitter and Instagram.

    The regular Uber service will still be running; this is an added bonus for folks in Baltimore on a hot, summer day.  Here is promo code “ICECREAM,” which will give new users $20.00 off their first Uber ride (not ice cream sadly) or you can visit to sign up.

    Follow @Uber_Baltimore and the hashtag #UBERICECREAM for live updates on the promotion throughout the day on Friday.

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