Saturday, May 09, 2015

Restaurants Organize Dine Out, Baltimore! Campaign

In an act of solidarity, foodservice employees across Maryland will head into Baltimore City on May 12th to eat, drink, and show their support of the culinary scene in Baltimore. Organized by the Restaurant Association of Maryland (RAM), Dine Out, Baltimore! is a statewide campaign to encourage restaurant employees who work outside the city to patronize restaurant businesses in Baltimore.

Since civil unrest in Baltimore began in April, members of the trade association from outside Baltimore City have been calling and asking what they could do to help. The idea for the Dine Out, Baltimore! campaign grew organically as a response to the overwhelming desire members had to support ailing city businesses.

“I felt terrible for all the employees who had their hours cut because no customers were coming through their doors,” said LoAnn Dellis, owner of Michael’s Café in Timonium. “I wanted to do something that would make a difference, but just couldn’t wrap my head around what I could do.”

Conversations like these led RAM to organize this industry-led event.

“Many restaurant owners and employees have expressed a genuine desire to help Baltimore City restaurants,” said Marshall Weston, RAM’s President & CEO. “They understand that a week or two of lost business has the greatest impact on servers, bartenders, cooks, dishwashers and all the other staff that keep restaurants up and running.”

The foodservice industry in Baltimore is one of the top employers in the city, employing 19,000 individuals at 1,600 foodservice establishments.

“By stepping up and going out to eat in Baltimore City, restaurant employees will show the rest of the state that Baltimore restaurants are open for business,” said Weston. “This will go a long way toward getting back to normal.”

Foodservice employees around the state of Maryland can get involved by gathering their coworkers, friends and family members and heading into Baltimore City on May 12th to eat and drink. Restaurants and guests are encouraged to use #DineOutBmore to promote the event.

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