Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Helping build a memorial honor a great man for students of Baltimore

I know this post is not what I normal write about, but this is very near and dear to my heart.

Last week a friend and coworker lost her husband unexpectedly and we want to honor him by giving back to kids, students and book lovers!

Christopher Morone and his wife Wendy both work for Baltimore City Public Schools as Library Media Specialists just like me.  I met Wendy when we went through program for Library Media at Notre Dame of Maryland.  Chris followed in his wife's footsteps and also became a Media Specialist.  

I then had the honor to work at Monarch Academy Baltimore with Wendy for a year as Media Specialist.  Chris not only gave to his school but to Monarch and any school his wife worked at.

Chris was an amazing man, husband, father, grandfather and teacher.  He was passionate about his work and the students.  

To honor Chris they want to create a place that is peaceful place for children to read, relax, reflect, and feel safe - dedicated to Chris and the children of Baltimore. 

Please share and help build our dreams to honor Chris!

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