Thursday, August 06, 2015

Wild Kombucha is on its way to be one of Baltimore's favorites!

There is a new Baltimore based drink that is taking the town by storm and it isn’t beer or wine its Kombucha!  Kombucha has been around they believe around 5,000 years.  Here in Baltimore, Mobtown Fermentation is brewing two flavors of their own Kombucha – mango-peach and ginger-grapefruit.

Not only is Kombucha a great tasting beverage but it is also loaded with vitamins and acids that help strengthen the immune system. You can also find that it has probiotics and enzymes that are known to help with digestion and boosts liver function.

I had the chance to sit down with the guys behind Motown Fermentation and learn how it becomes to be what it is today!  Mobtown Fermentation started off with Adam taking what he learned from their parents and started brewing it and selling to JHU students.  As demand increase his brother Sergio started to help and sales spread across Hampden.  From there a childhood friend, Sid, joined on to create Mobtown Fermentation and Wild Kombucha. 

You can find Wild Kombucha being sold at local markets and cafes through out the city (with rumors of larger establishments in the works).  There are even restaurants and bars that feature Wild Kombucha in some crafty cocktails.   Be sure to visit their website, Facebook and twitter for store locations, events and tastings.

Wild Kombucha has become a staple in out fridge and we can’t decide with of the two flavors is our favorite!
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