Sunday, September 27, 2015

Golden West Cafe presents Ham Week 2015

Golden West Cafe is excited to announce its 2nd annual Ham Week, featuring 8 full days of chef specials, along with ham-inspired desserts and drinks. 

Our carefully curated Ham Week menus will be offered all wekk, featuring a celebration of the love of pork. Our menus will include our own take on traditional ham plates, southwestern-inspired dishes, and a variety of classic favorites to satisfy any pork affictionados. 

Ham Week offerings will change throughout the eight days, with various options being available from both our Take Out Window, dining room and bar. Featured dishes include Brussel Sprouts w/Ham & Fried Eggs, Pork & Groundnut Stew, and Apple-Scrapple & Egg Biscuits. Desserts such as cupcakes with bacon brittle and bacon-cinnamon rolls will be available at various times throughout the week, along with a varitey of drink pairings.

And fear not! Vegan and Vegetarian friends... Golden West will host its very first Vegan Week, October 5th-12th, with a plethora of veggie delights.    

For more information about Ham Week, please visit

1105 W 36th Street, Baltimore, MD 21211

On "The Avenue" in Hampden
Sept. 21 - Sept. 28, 2015
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