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This is a place where I share my exploration in food and food related ideas in the greater Baltimore area. A great place to go to find a new place to dine or any food related event!

Life is full of many things that entice our senses and soul- I feel that food is one of the great things to awaken our senses and help us enjoy life with our friends and family. People all over the world eat, so I encourage my readers to never be afraid to try something new- someone somewhere eats it!

I am the type of person who loves to live life in this way and experience the world around me. I have had the pleasure to experience many new and exciting things all over the world in doing so. I grew up in a small town in PA and then made a big jump when I moved to Baltimore to teach. I started in the classroom, got my Masters degree, and am now a Library Media Specialist.

One of the first things I said when I moved to Baltimore was that I had never lived somewhere that had so much to offer, so outside of the classroom, so I wanted to experience it all- I was always looking for a great place to try.

How the blogging adventure began...
While I was attending the College of Notre Dame in MD I was required to start a blog about anything I wanted for class.  Considering I grew up in a town that only has two  red lights, there weren’t many restaurants around except some fast food places, bars and "mom & pop" joints.  If you wanted more selection, you had about 20 minutes to Williamsport, PA
.  It was the "big" city for us- nothing compared to Baltimore by any means.  Here you would find some chains like Red Lobster, Olive Garden, and other local places.  

Now that I lived in the real "big" city I didn't want to eat at chain restaurants all the time and wanted to explore the world of fine dining here in Baltimore. I started blogging about where we went as a record for myself. Before I knew it I gained followers, and they kept on coming. I got picked up by Foodbuzz.com, some other sites asked me to be a featured writer, and finally came along Examiner.com.  After that, a few other places wanted to feed my articles, and now you can find my articles on many sites (click here to see a list). 

I like to write about everything restaurant- related, from finding deals for those who want to watch their money to special events. I cover the entire restaurant experience -- from food to service to atmosphere. My husband and I are photographers on the side, so my blog always features tantalizing pictures of the dishes we try!

Just because I wrote about food doesn't mean I cook- or does it?
So honestly just because I write about food doesn't mean I cook, however, that doesn't mean I can't cook.  I just hate to personally do all the work and prep for something that is gone in the matter of minutes.  Yes I love to savor my food and experience it!  I know it doesn't make sense but hey does much ever make much sense?  I love to follow food bloggers, not just restaurant related but those who cook.  I always tell my friends here in Baltimore who blog about food "If you cook for me, I will write about it"- maybe I will find the next Top Chef!!!

For more info: you can subscribe to email notices, email me at AIBR.Blog@gmail.com, find me on Facebook or follow me on twitter @BmoreRestaurant- check out the review mapreview listchef interviews and recipes and events calendar for local restaurant events

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